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I'm 24 years old, and I live in Copenhagen with my two cats and my fiance. I love cosplay ~


ShadowCat by Su-rine
Character: Shadowcat
Series: X-men
Costume, makeup and model: :iconsu-rine:
Photography and edit: :iconsimplearts:

Leave a comment if you like this shot! :3

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Shadow Cat Beaten Up by simplearts Wall walk by Su-rine Codename: Shadowcat by Su-rine

If you like my costumes, please follow my facebook-page where I put out more pictures, progress and tips/tricks/tutorials <3
Hinamizawa syndrome by Su-rine
Hinamizawa syndrome
I just love the twins. Another shot from our photoshoot in a run down warehouse. 

Characters: Shion and Mion Sonozaki

Series: Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni 
Shion: :iconrinaca-cosplay:
Mion: :iconsu-rine:

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You'll make me happy by screaming by Rinaca-Cosplay We'll go down fighting by Su-rine Chop Chop Chop by Rinaca-Cosplay ShionMion by Su-rine Mion - Teaser by Su-rine Closer by Su-rine

If you like my costumes, please follow my facebook-page where I put out more pictures, progress and tips/tricks/tutorials <3
I thought you were...back by Su-rine
I thought you were...back
Four fell for Zero's bullshit. Worried v3 

You can watch our World Cosplay Summit 2015 performance here.

            Game: Drakengard 3/Drag On Dragoon 3
            Characters: Four & Zero
            Four: :iconsu-rine: 
            Zero: :iconrinaca-cosplay:

If you're looking to make any Drakengard 3 costume check out PhilipMessina He creates the most detailed reference pictures of the characters.

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Children by Su-rine
Got some more Eva pilots for you all. :heart: 

           Series: Neon Genesis Evangelion
           Characters: Asuka Langley Soryu & Rei Ayanami
           Asuka: Su-rine 
           Rei: Rinaca-Cosplay  
           Photographer: Arne Beilschmidt

These costumes were used for the Danish preliminaries 2014, where we won Judges Special Notion. :love:
To watch our skit click here and let us know what you think :heart:

More of these costumes:
Chosen children by Su-rinePilots by Su-rineAsuka Langley Soryu by Su-rineAsuka by Su-rine02 by Su-rine

Posing! Tips ~

Mon Apr 21, 2014, 10:16 AM

I did these instructions 2 years ago, but I still think they're kind of good :D I hope you like!

Posing is crucial for getting an awesome cosplay photo! You should be aware of the basics before you go on a photoshoot. At a convention people are going to want to take pictures of and with you, practice your posing and you'll like the pictures that pop up on facebook afterwards!

Note where there is a source of light, and capture it with your face.

Don’t just stand there! Twist your body a bit and it will come to live in pictures! If you just stand there your hips will look wider than if you twist your body! :3

Beware of your limbs when posing. An arm that’s just hanging there can easily look like a deadweight.

On the subject of arms it’s important to notice how awkward the “hands behind your back”-pose can look. It’s always difficult to know what to do with your arms and hands. If you have a prop it will come more natural (or if your character has a signature pose). Otherwise place one or both on your hips!

Push out your chest and look alert! It will do wonders for the photo!

Before spending all that time creating a cosplay, look at the reference and consider if you should make the skirt longer, or not show as much boob or stomach, etc. I think that it’s OK to change the design a little to suit your body better. Unless it’s for a competition, people aren’t going to have a reference for your character with them!

Take a walk in your apartment in full costume, try sitting down and jumping around for a bit. You might notice some serious flaws that you need to fix before convention day!

Did I fail to mention some tips that you love? Put them in the comments!

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  • Playing: The last of us
  • Eating: pizza!

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